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  •    Dr. Andreas Hahn, based in São Paulo, Brazil and Chemnitz, Germany, is an autonomous consultant, with his main areas of activity centered around investment and agribusiness consulting in Latin America, in particular Brazil and Colombia. He holds a summa cum laude doctorate in Political Economy/International Relations  (University of Duisburg-Essen and FAAP São Paulo)  and is a recognized expert in terms of the Brazilian economics in general, the agricultural sector in specific. 


  • He is a real estate advisor for Brazilian property investments of the New York Times.


  • Furthermore, he is business-fluent in English and Portuguese (Brazilian) and advises a wide range of clients with their focus on investing in the commercial or agribusiness sector in Brazil, with his services spanning from general consulting (market entry studies, geographical and sectorial analyzes, translations and interpretations) to due diligence and viability studies.
  • In 15 years of experience he acquired an intrinsic understanding – theoretically and empirically - of the workings of Brazilian economics and aims to provide a scientifically sound consulting to his clients, based on the principles of value-adding, risk-reducing and long-term sustainability. 
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